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Melvyn Rawlinson


Festival of the Dragon Moon

Festival of the Dragon Moon

4 - 11
year olds

Customs and folk tales from the mountains of Western China

designed by Melvyn Rawlinson

"It will soon be the time of the 'Dragon Moon' and, like everyone else in the village, T'ang and her teacher are excitedly getting ready for the festival. Yet her father has other things on his mind. The potato harvest has been poor and now it seems that old Yip Yok the Yak has stopped giving milk and will have to be sold! However, Bai-coo suspects all is not what it seems and bravely sets out to get to the bottom of the problem and save her friend Yip Yok - but will she make it in time for the festivities?"

photogragh from festival of the dragon moon

melvyn with puppetsthe old sage feeding the yak

Using principally Chinese Palm Puppets (forerunner of the glove puppet) and a travelling open topped theatre, authentically decorated

with music and atmospheric lighting, this Live 55 minute performance will enthrall and entertain all 4 - 11 year olds - and their families.


Full size Dragon Parade Finale with the help of some of the children



Then the covers are removed from the theatre to reveal some of the secrets within

As fine a display of Puppetry as you'll ever see. Nottingham Evening Post The children loved it, we loved it! And the puppet making was so successful. Seely Infants, Nottingham
and of previous performances
 ... performed with style and warmth by the very talented Melvyn Rawlinson. ... Pure Magic! Birmingham Post

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Availability: All year
Age: 4 -11 years & families
Playing time: 55 minutes
Venue: Schools, studios, or small theatres and festivals
Indoor Only - with electricity
Text: Language based narrative
Language: English only

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